NetLUP Xtreme Technology launch of SecureTOOLS SDK v2.12

NetLUP Xtreme Technology launch of SecureTOOLS SDK V2.12

SecureTOOLS(TM) SDK for Windows v2.12 is intended to be a comprehensive library designed to address developers needs in Data Compression, Encryption, Protection, Signing and more.
It also allows users to browse files and calculate different hashes, such as SHA-256 and MD5 checksums.


SecureTOOLS(TM) SDK empowers users to compress and decompress files, using the following engines and algorithms, part of the XtremeZIP Archiver project:

I. LZNV Engine delivers following algorithms:

  • HyperFAST Compression
  • SuperFAST Compression
  • Normal Compression
  • Better Compression
  • Best Compression

II. FastHuffman Engine

  • Advanced StaticHuffman Compression


SecureTOOLS(TM) SDK also empowers users to encrypt and decrypt files, using the following algorithms, part of Data Compression and Encryption Elements, by XtremeZIP:

  • AES Encryption, featuring 128, 192 and 256 bit encryption capabilities
  • DES Encryption featuring 64bit encryption capabilities
  • BlowFISH Encryption, featuring 448bit encryption capabilities


SecureTOOLS(TM) SDK empowers users to digitally sign their files, and has the following options built in:

  • The ability to create public and private key files.
  • Digitally sign the files by using the private key.
  • Validate the signed file, ideally remotely, by using the public key.


Use SecureTOOLS(TM) SDK to creates ECCs (error correction codes) and protect files for intentional, disk or network related transmission or storage:

  • Browse for files you want to protect.
  • Protect the files by creating associated error correction codes.
  • Verify and create a 'repaired' version of the initial files, if damaged or intentionally modified. Check the manual for protection level meanings.


Use SecureTOOLS(TM) SDK to calculate MD5/SHA2:

  • Browse for files you want to calculate their hashes.
  • Select the files from the list to view MD5 and SHA256 values
  • Users have the ability to copy this information to the clipboard.