NetLUP Xtreme Technology Awarded 2nd place at Global Data Compression Contest!

2nd Place at HUAWEI Sponsored Content for Global Data Compression 2020

LZNV Application Awarded at the Global Data Compression Contest is part of SecureTOOLS(TM) SDK for Windows v2.12!

Our Products:

LZNV Library - New version coming soon!

The next generation of the Awarded LZNV Library in 2020, is looking forward to the 2021 competition, with a new version! Stay tuned!

SecureTOOLS(TM) SDK for Windows - Already released v2.12 - New version coming soon!

SecureTOOLS(TM) SDK empowers users to compress and decompress files, using the following engines and algorithms, part of the XtremeZIP Archiver project. Will soon be upgraded to v2.21 with the release of the new LZNV Library.

XtremeDELTA Engine - Already released v2.56. New version coming soon!

XtremeDELTA Engine has been licensed to different companies and it is now part of SecureDELTA APP & SDK v2.56. This product is sold exclusively by, here